European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM) EURL ECVAM
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) CAAT-EU Logo - Copy
Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME) FRAME
Sweedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (SWETOX) SWETOX
The Spanish Network for the Development of Alternative Methods (REMA) REMA
The Danish 3R-Center (DANMARKS 3Rs CENTER)
Finnish Center for Alternative Methods (FICAM) FICAM
Italian Platform on Alternative Methods (IPAM) ipam
National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement& Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) NC3Rs
Centre for Documentation and Evaluation of Alternative Methods to Animal Experiments (ZEBET) ZEBET
European consensus-plaform alternatives (ECOPA)
French platform for the development of alternative methods in animal testing (FRANCOPA) FRANCOPA
Finnish National Consensus Platform for Alternatives (FINCOPA)
Norwegian Consensus Platform for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal experiments (NORECOPA)
The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) ZonMw